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Talking GENDERS Exhibition part of AndWhat? Queer Arts Festival queers the white walls of the Archive Gallery in the former Hackney Archive vault with multi media art works that platforms the diverse perspectives of 13 young LGBTQIA+ Artists (16-26 yrs) . The exhibition features photography, video and sound installation, drag performance, live art and durational performance works.

Themes explored in the exhibition are rural queerness & virginity, feral femininity & brutality of beauty rituals, intersection between trans identity & sex work, intersection of race & sexual politics, transmasc & the forbidden fruit, gay plants, androgyny, sexual confusion and queer city euphoric fairytale.

This interdisciplinary art work has been conceived in a three week intensive artistic development programme where the recruited young artists have formed a queer artistic community that was in residence at IKLECTIK Art Space in the heart of London this summer. The intensive programme consisted of workshops by prominent artists Travis Alabanza, Laura Hemming Lowe, Nicola Hunter, Lucy McCormick, Rachel Cherry and with artistic mentoring by Andreas Constantinou and Dagmara Bilon.

The young artists engaged in social reflection, artistic dialogue and new ways of thinking to express and merge their perspectives on gender, sexuality and identity into works of art. Collaborative process touched on the themes of body, home and identity, vulnerability, DIY resources to create autobiographical works, self care, creation of queer testimonies and queer narratives, re-purposing pop culture, failure as a process of devising and the gaze as a political medium.

This exhibition aims to give visibility to diverse perspectives of young LGBTQIA+ Artists living in today’s society and to be an empowering space to both artists and spectators.

Talking Genders is an international initiative conducted by Himherandit Productions and is part of a 6 year performance project titled ‘The Gender House’. Talking GENDERS is part of a community artistic programme of the The Gender House. Its debut took place in Denmark (2016), followed by France at the ‘LeManifestFestival’ (2017). Talking Genders UK is the third edition of this

project and is co-produced with ‘And What? Queer Arts Festival’ London. Talking Genders Exhibition:

Opening Night
Friday 6t h October 6-10pm (exhibition & live performance)

Saturday 7th – Tuesday 10t h October 11-6pm (exhibition)

Talking Gender UK Artists:
Chaz Howkins, Kay Cameron, Nick Finegan, Daisy Hills, David Ronan, David Hanagan, Noe Warren, Naomi Farhi, Colin Lievens, Mark ChungKit, Tone Haldrup Lorenzen, Caroline Desmet, Daniel Forster

Guest Artists: Travis Alabanza, Laura Hemming Lowe, Nicola Hunter, Rachel Cherry

Artist Mentors: Andreas Constantinou&Dagmara Bilon
Exhbition Technician: Van De Michelis, Jack-Lewis&Brenno Balbino

This project is fully funded by Arts Council England and The Danish Arts Council.


Date: 06-10 Oct

Admission: FREE

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Venue information

ARCHIVE  Gallery

The Rose Lipman Building,
43 De Beauvoir Rd.,
N1 5SQ,
E8 2BT

Office: 0207 923 3565

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