Worst. Date. Ever


Photos – Nikolas Louka

Varjack & Simpson // Worst. Date. Ever

The Glory

Dates: 30 September

Time: 19:30 - 22:00

Tickets: £10

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What to expect…

Varjack & Simpson. Paula Varjack Dan Simpson

Are you sick of swiping left and right?

Or filling out pointless online questionnaires only to message back and forth with people you are not even sure you want to meet irl? Maybe you are sick of dating altogether? Maybe you are seeing someone but would like to make new friends?

Well the makers of The Anti-Slam know that the best way to bond is over failure. WORST. DATE. EVER is a night of performances about dates gone wrong, mixed up with silly games for people of all relationship statuses, sexualities and genders. Featuring a fantastic line up of comedians, theatre makers, spoken word and performance artists.

Hosted by: Paula Varjack & Dan Simpson with Adrian Gillot (aka Ms. Samantha Mann)

Featured artists:

Katy Baird,

Karen Mcleod,

Travis Alabanza,

Rhys Hollis,

Rachel Mars

Tom Marshman

Whether you’re coming to WORST. DATE. EVER. solo or in a group, grab yourself a drink, find a seat, and laugh along as brilliant performers regale you with stories of dates-gone-wrong. Then it’s time to get involved, as hosts Varjack & Simpson encourage you to play silly party games and fun icebreakers.

You’ll meet loads of new people, share your own stories, and watch as they’re transformed into mini-performances by our acts!


Varjack & Simpson

Varjack & Simpson produce quirky creative content in the form of events, podcasts, and workshops. Their work fuses their backgrounds of spoken word, theatre, comedy, and filmmaking, and they have a love of high, low, and pop culture. They put on the worst-poet-wins, internationally touring The Anti-Slam, gleefully jumped on the panel show format with pop-meets-poetry mash-up show Poetry Goes Pop!, invented their own anti-dating show WORST. DATE. EVER., and have created Fail Better – a podcast all about artist failure and the hilariously awful.

Find out more

Website: www.varjackandsimpson.co.uk


The Glory – London E2 8AS

281 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AS

Tel: 020 7684 0794
Web: http://www.theglory.co/


Lets Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs

Photo credits: Dionysis Livanis

Lets Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs

Ku Bar

Dates: 06-Oct

Time: 16:30 - 22:00


What to expect…

Hosted by Patrick Cash (playwright and spoken word poet), Let’s Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs has been running monthly in Soho since March 2014. The event has grown in popularity since its birth, and invites participants to speak (or listen) honestly about issues to do with sex and/or drug use within the gay male community.

No judgement, and no villainising of drug users – we are not here to tell people to stop taking drugs. What we are doing is starting a conversation that can address where drug use becomes too much and why drug use has become intrinsic to some gay men’s sex lives. We look at ‘chemsex’ through different subjects each month: love, beginnings, control, homophobia etc.

As the night has grown, so too has its scope and the event is also a celebration of the brilliance of the gay community, with well-known community figures and cultural performers.

Let’s Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs is an open forum for anybody to talk about how they perceive sex and drug use amongst the gay male community of London.

Everyone who wants to speak gets five minutes and all are welcome, whether to speak or listen. Free entry.

Sign up for a slot on Facebook or at the venue from 6.30pm.

At the September event we will have a theme (non-obligatory) of ‘Arts’ within the gay male community, and how this can be used to improve wellbeing, a special event part of the And What? Queer Arts Festival:

Multi-award winning Australian/Irish theatre director, and artistic director of the King’s Head Theatre, will talk about his decision to programme chems-related plays in the last year.

Acclaimed writer, producer and actor Alexis will talk about his new play ‘Safe’, on LGBT homelessness and at-risk youth, and how LGBT lives meet LGBT art.

Exceptional musical theatre performer Rich will treat us to personal reflections mixed with beautiful songs.

Comedian/writer Sian (Channel 4 Shorts, BBC Radio 1), and host of new Dean Street Wellbeing comedy night Sextroverts, will give us a ten minute comedy set of the sharpest wit.

Ben Walters is an esteemed writer, producer, programmer and critic, who most recently conceived and directed ‘The Prime of Miss David Hoyle’. He will talk about arts and wellbeing.


Ku Bar – London WC2H 7BA

30, Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA

Tel: 020 7437 4303
Web: http://www.ku-bar.co.uk/


Spoken Word London (Queer) // Speak out for love


Photo credits: SWL Online

Spoken Word London // Queer: Speak out for love

miranda @ ACE Hotel

Dates: 11-Oct

Time: 19:30 - 00:00 (sign-up from 1930 performers from 20:00-22:00, then dancing)


(RSVP tickets now ‘sold out’ admission on the door after 20:00 – subject to capacity)

What to expect…

Spoken Word London has been running since June 2013 at VFD in Dalston. An entirely open-mic spoken word night, where anybody is welcome to speak in whatever form they wish: most people do spoken word poetics, but comedy, theatre, music, rap and storytelling are all invited too. Our only two rules are that everybody gets five minutes each (and nobody gets more than five minutes), and that each speaker gets equal respect.

We have hosted curated events around the city, including ‘Survival Guides’ against gentrification in Brixton, ‘Troublemakers’ rousing youth politics at the Bishopsgate, and ‘Migrants’ at Shuffle Festival. We can’t wait to showcase the most electrifying performers in queer London.

Spoken Word London is hosted by Patrick Cash, an outspoken gay spoken word poet and contributing editor for Attitude, and Hannah Gordon, acclaimed spoken word poet and editor for Lunar Poetry.

Artists Include:

Dean Atta,

Jai Bernarde,

Shon Faye,

Patrick Cash,

Bethany Rose,

Jacob Joyce

Hannah Gordon

Open Mic slots available


Miranda at Ace Hotel – London E1 6JQ

100 Shoreditch High St,
London E1 6JQ

Tel: 020 7613 9800
Web: http://www.acehotel.com

NBR ACE Summertime Sadness-19 copy 2

Naked Boys Reading // Seamen

Photo credit: Vanek Photography

Naked Boys Reading // Seamen

MV Jewel of London/ Festival Pier / River Thames

Dates: 15-Oct

Time: 14:00 (prompt) - 17:00

Tickets: £15 Early Bird / £20 Seamen Lover / no booking fee

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What to expect…

Presented in association with And What? Queer Arts Festival

Ahoy hun! Riding high on the waves of the Thames this October, Naked Boys Reading fulfills a lifelong dream by bringing you an armada of spunky sailors on our very own Navy Day. Yes babes, that’s right, sweet dreams are made of this, so come and travel the world and the seven seas with our boys as they entertain you with tales of Moby Dicks, butt pirates and slutty mermaids. We have one of those in every port.

Think Fassbinder’s Querelle, Homer’s Odyssey or, urm, Water World; the vast oceans have fascinated man since the beginning of time. And we’re no different, although, admittedly, we’re a little more fixated on those who cruise towards the horizons: salty seafarers, sexy stowaways and marine biologists. It’s time to cum aboard our galley and worship at the altar of Neptune.

At the helm: Captain Shaz and first shipmate The Duchess of Pork. We promise seamen.



15 October 2016
MV Jewel of London

Boat will depart promptly at 2pm
You will NEED to show ID to get on board

No refunds after Friday 14th October, 10pm


Jewel of London/River Thames

Festival Pier, Belvedere Road
SE1 8XZ London
Tel: 020 7118 1281
Web: nakedboysreading.com