The ‘Other’ Friends of Clapham Common

(Presented by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival, HB&Co and Omnibus Theatre)

Extra – Join us on Sunday 7th October in the Greene Room at Omnibus Theatre from 1600-1700 to meet the makers of the piece and some of the participants, and have a cup of tea before you take the journey

The ‘Other’ Friends of Clapham Common is a new commission by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival, HB&Co and Omnibus Theatre. It is an app-based binaural sound experience that explores some of the past and current histories of Clapham Common as a Cruising ground. The soundtrack takes you on a journey onto Clapham Common whilst listening to a piece constructed from interviews with people who have and still do use Clapham Common. These memoirs are interweaved with atmospheric surround-soundscapes and include a newly commissioned poem by Gerry Potter. The Other Friends of Clapham Common is about unearthing forgotten or unheard narratives, it is about community and changes in Cruising, it is about being outdoors, technology, public space and sex.

And What? And HB&Co would like to thank Omnibus Theatre for it’s support in reaching its local Cruising Community, to David Dandridge for his time and connections, and all other participants/interviewees who have shared their memories and experiences.

To enjoy The Other Friends of Clapham Common just download the FREE app, and at your leisure take a trip to Omnibus Theatre’s box office during its opening hours for further instructions. You will need a phone with the app ready loaded, enough battery and some headphones. Your journey will take no longer than 1 hour, but remember it will take you outside, so wear suitable clothing!

Event Information

Date: 1-31 October (available during opening of Omnibus Theatre )

Admission: FREE

Venue information

App-based binaural sound experience starting at

Omnibus Theatre


1 Clapham Common North Side, London SW4 0QW

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