Peaches Christ + Jinkx Monsoon:

Hocum Pokem –

Something sickening this way comes!

Kick off the season of the witch with a can’t-miss parody to a cult movie favourite, Disney’s Hocus Pocus. Back by popular demand after the sold-out smash hit, Return to Grey Gardens, US drag royalty Peaches Christ and Jinkx Monsoon are joined by London’s very own fabulous Holestar.

The wicked ménage à trois is completed by a star-studded coven of favourites including Anna Phylactic, Miss Blair, Liquorice Black, quickfire comic Kate McCabe, The Ultra Violets (Stef Fetterman and Laura Mcgee) and making her UK debut, San Francisco’s infamous weirdo Cousin Wonderlette.

When the wicked and impossibly old Manderson drag-sisters are resurrected from the grave, they embark upon a plan to suck the souls from the lithe, plump and chip butty-fed bodies of Britain’s rising drag starlets. Who will stop them? In this age of online make-up tutorials, how can we tell the the freshly beaten from the walking dead? Is that a teenage boy and a talking cat, or ‘a big lesbo’ (her words!) and a twink in a bodystocking? Is it true that Peaches has cockroaches living in her weave? How many holes does Holestar actually have? Will Jinkx and Cousin Wonderlette kai-kai over Facebook Live?

Snatch a ticket or you won’t find out!

UK Premiere. Produced by Bren O’Callaghan.

Image credit: Jose A Guzman / Christa Holka


Date: 16-18 Oct (7.30pm)

Admission: £20-35

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Venue information

Toynbee Studios,
28 Commercial St,
London E1 6AB

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