Haunted Butts –

The official And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. closing party, devised and curated by Gareth Cutter

Sex is the sticky glue that binds life and death together – and nestled within this un(holy) trinity is the butt!

In celebration of this fundamental body part, Haunted Butts, curated by Gareth Cutter, is a performance-party plunging audiences into the depths of their nethermost regions with pop-up acts, durational installations, and visual art from Mouse, Lucy McCormick, Lasana Shabazz, Oozing Gloop, Gashland and Ranulph Redlin and music by Dj Mikey XXX (Shake Yes Dix / Douchebag / Pink Glove). Entertainment from leading queer and alternative artists, taking you roughly, late into the night.

A night for the curious, the filthy, and the fearless, expect a hair-raising evening of thrilling downstairs

Image credit: Gareth Cutter / Eoin Norton


Date: Sat 21 Oct (9pm – late)

Admission: £6 -10

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Venue information

Resistance Gallery,
265 Poyser St,
London E2 9RF

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