Disco Loco Rainbow Rave + Gendersaurus Studio


Photo credit: Jassy Earl

Disco Loco Rainbow Rave + Gendersaurus Studio

Hackney Showroom

Dates: 02-Oct

Time: 15:00-18:00

Tickets: £3 (babes FREE!)

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What to expect…

Disco Loco kicks off the autumn season with a monumental Rainbow Rave! DJs, art workshops, live performance & more to be announced.

The Disco Loco Rainbow Rave invites you to celebrate the family in all its forms – extended, dual-heritage, step, single parent, queer, 2.4, donor conceived, whatever your family is, come share the love and the diversity of UK family life.

As part of the Rainbow Rave And What? present Eilidh MacAskill’s Gendersaurus Studios, a playground for children to express their inner spirit animal and mythical creatures through none-gender-specific fancy dress. Expect t-shirt making, props galore, a photo booth and Live artists ready to be consulted on the Kracken, Unicorn (or something completely new) within the minds of the our next generation.

Post costume, post dancing, post imagination we will take to the fields in a Live Art Kids Parade.


Hackney Showroom – London E8 2BT

Hackney Downs Studios,
Amhurst Terrace,
London E8 2BT

Tel: 020 3095 9747