Deeper Routes / Queer Migrant Takeover

(Queer Migrant Takeover)

DR/QMT is a party, a celebration and a space for co-existence of multi-national queers and their allies who resist your shitty ‘hostile environment’. Deeper Routes dives head-first into nuances of belonging and presence and will see artists, activists and DJs coming together for the first time. Including DJ sets from Pxssy Palace and Maricumbia, and various performance artists into the early hours.

DR/QMT is a space for all migrants, queers and our allies. No disrespect or harassment will be allowed. And please, throw any culturally appropriative garments/objects in the bin: that shit is not welcome here.

Deeper Routes is produced by Queer Migrant Takeover, Foreign Actions Productions and CUNTemporary, in partnership with And What? Queer. Arts. Festival and Rich Mix. This event is supported by funding from Arts Council England.


Evening: DJ Pxssy Palace // DJ Neiva

Performances by: SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! // Thierry Alexandre // Whiskey Chow // Chiyo // Lucia Pazzini // Izdehar Afyouni // Sebastian H-W // Zayn Phallic (Compère)

DINNER IS SERVED AT 8pm – full day ticket holders will be asked for donations only.

AFTERNOON: Performances by Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants in collaboration with SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! // Istanbul Queers Arts Collective // Carlos Mauricio Rojas

Installations / Video works by: They Are Here // Thiru Seelan // Katarzyna Perlak // Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson ft Nadia Tehra // Ishimwa Muhimanyi // Izdehar Afyouni

Deeper Routes / Queer Migrant Takeover is 1 of 4 events happening at Rich Mix (thanks Rich Mix!) highlighting Queer People of Colour’s (QPOC) voices and experiences in our community, both nationally and internationally.

You can also see The House of Kings and Queens / RENT PARTY / and ‘B’ by Gerrard Martin

Image: Pxssy Palace

Event Information

Date: Saturday 6th October 2018, 5pm-3am

FULL DAY inc Party:
5pm-3am – £10 conc. /£12 full

PARTY only:
9pm-3am £7 conc. /£9 full

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Venue information

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA
Box office: 020 7613 7498
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