No Place Like Home (Queer Lates) @ Geffrye Museum


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No PLace Like Home (Queer Lates) @ Geffrye Museum

Geffrye Museum

Dates: 28-Oct

Times: 1800-2200

Tickets: £5

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What to expect…

An evening of Queer Mischief with some of your favorite LGBTQIA+ performers presented in the grounds of the Geffrye Museum. Programming by Hackney Showroom and  And What? Exploring ideas of Home.


Featuring a menagerie of the most essential Queer and LGBTQI artists including



as well as talk, a Queer Makers Market, Film programme, and food stalls (it’s got it all!), and hand picked for you from And What? Festival is…….

Butterflies and Dinner Ladies – Tom Marshman

Butterflies and Dinner Ladies has been developed as a short solo piece.  It is about the relationship between older women and gay men.  ‘It is a toast to the symbiosis of that particular relationship between the older lady, the spinster, widow, the old dear, the dames and duchess who steadfastly bring forth and help to bring about a change and transformation to create the emerging gay who comes out of the chrysalis to form the brightest of butterflies’.

Tom speaks a poetic text while stripping layers of dresses. In this piece Tom wears many old ladies dresses in various styles, patterns and materials, (some belonging to the aunties and grannies mentioned) gradually revealing his unclothed self.

The nylon dresses slide off the body in quite a lyrical way which responds to the music

Touch up/Good service – Lucille Power

Having cut her teeth performing in queer/ trans cabarets and clubs, Lucille and performers excite and challenge audiences with their anarchic and participatory performance interventions. Commissioned by Duckie, this piece has provoked and delighted queer audiences, utilising ‘play’ as a tool to investigate gender, power, queerness and class, audience members become part of this visually sumptuous spectacle, and leave the encounter in some way transformed. By turns, uproarous, spectacular, brutal, tongue in cheek, tender and absurd, this work eases us out of our comfort zones, encouraging us to embrace the disorder, and see what happens.

ALASKA By Cheryl Martin

Alaska is a funny, magical trip to the moon, with singing and dancing thrown in: one woman’s extraordinary story of how she survived growing up with severe depression.
Alaska, the one-woman-show, is inspired by writer-performer Cheryl Martin’s poetry collection, longlisted for the 2015 Polari Prize.
“I called the show ALASKA after a line in a Lou Reed song, Caroline Says II, that goes ‘It’s so cold in Alaska.’ I chose that because most of the time my emotions seem numb, frozen. Then something happens and they wake up.”

A raw and powerful performance, with humour, heart and soul, with stunning vocals and beautiful imagery in the storytelling. With one in four of us estimated to experience mental health difficulties at sometime in our lives, this is a story that touches everyone, whether first-hand or through family and friends.

“It is a devastatingly beautiful show, … poetic narrative and heart achingly profound… absolutely pioneering …people should go”– Chanje Kunda, performance poet and artist, Manchester Theatre Awards Nominee

Timberlina‘s Troubadour

Take a moment to free yourself from the tyranny of consumerism and eco-anxiety with an intimate soothsaying serenade from our in-house environminstrel guru- brought to you by Timberlina™


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