Nando Messias // Shoot the Sissy


Photo credits: Holly Revell, Darrell Berry

Nando Messias //  Shoot the Sissy

Chelsea Theatre

Dates: 18 & 19-Oct

Time: 20:00 - 21:00

Tickets: £10

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What to expect…


Gasp… Be amazed… Take aim… It’s a live target!

Nando Messias is back with his own disturbingly beautiful freak show — a queer menagerie of carnivalesque contortion and florid fantasy.

Back from the huge success of his national tour, The Sissy’s Progress, Messias brings our compulsive gaze closer to the bold fragility of his trademark body — a Sissy body.
His dangerous ingenuity and exquisite theatricality offers you secret insights into murky depths of doubt, terror and dreams. Come watch as he penetrates through fairground whispers into a microcosm of ordinary weirdness, wretchedness, deracination, and subjugation, all with immense tenderness and tenacity.

Roll up, don’t be shy…. come Shoot The Sissy!

Length of show: 50 mins.



Chelsea Theatre – London SW10 0DR

7 World’s End Place
King’s Road
SW10 0DR

Tel: 020 7352 1967