Double Bill: Ira Brand + David Sheppeard


Photo credits: Duncan Jarvies / Ira Brand by Ellie Stamp

Double Bill:
Ira Brand (Break Yourself) + David Sheppeard (Hard Graft)

Hackney Showroom

Dates: 13 Oct

Time: 1930 - 2200

Tickets: £10/8

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What to expect…

David Sheppeard (Hard Graft)

In Hard Graft David Sheppeard investigates how much can change between one generation of a family and the next and the lengths we go to bridge the divide.

A performance about reluctant fathers and wayward sons set against the backdrop of the occasional mining disaster and the fading industrial landscapes of South Wales.

Hard Graft is as elegantly and cleverly structured as a Chris Goode show. It’s as thoughtful, as self-aware as… well… as a Chris Goode show is.” Megan Vaughan

‘Highly Recommended Show’ Fringe Review

Length of show 1hr

Ira Brand (Break Yourself)

The thing I like about Springsteen is that all his songs are about blue-collar, American, working class, men. You know, men who work on the railroads, and in lumberyards. Real men. Im not really that kind of guy.

Meet Ollie. Hes a graphic designer. But he wants to be Bruce.

Break Yourself is a piece about the performance of identity and of gender. Performed in male drag, it is about the relationship between power and desire, the complex landscape of male and female sexual desire, and the desire to be something other. And its about Bruce Springsteen.

It is also an experiment in constructing personas and alternative identities. A risky, dishonest, head-first, whole-hearted, and perhaps slightly desperate attempt to try and be something we have never been before.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Commissioned by Ovalhouse. Supported by The Yard Theatre.

Length of show: 55 minutes


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