Bouquet 50 –

And What? Joins forces with a garland of tattoo artists and studios to create a living and lasting memory of this important landmark year in Queer history. Flowers are given in love, sympathy, regret and celebration, and tattooing has a long tradition in LGBTQIA+ communities; from the problematic, to the powerful and as a way to express identities. We ask you to join us in creating a moving, phsical and permanent monument through deciding to tattoo one of three flowers, all historical references to Queer culture. A Pansy (derogative term for homosexuals), a Violet (associated with love between women) or a Green Carnation (popularised by Oscar Wilde).

Tattoo’s will be completed by one of our partner artists/studios from a series of designs at/by each location. Tattoos are not free but are offered at a subsidised rate thanks to the artists/studios and And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. 2017. We aim to furnish the Bouquet with up to 50 flowers so please spread the message wide and consider this a way to keep the conversation around this auspicious year alive beyond 2017.

More information to follow soon! 


Date: 29 Sep – 12 Nov

Admission: on request

Venue information

Various Locations across London. Stay tuned for more details.

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