Any Instant Whatsoever / Alexander Geist

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Alexander Geist is a pop star built entirely from possibilities, he’s the voice of an imagined generation, he’s the underground icon who wasn’t lost to AIDS. Defined by androgyny, charisma and indiscriminate sexuality, Geist is the morose disco-soul singer whose melodramatic lyrics and insistent melodies, have earned
him fans worldwide. Mining the classic gestural vocabulary of pop stardom to build a choreography of desire and indignation, Geist and his dancers have created a performance of refractory proportions.

Any instant whatsoever, is a beguiling live pop concert hellbent on luring the audience deep into an erotic multiverse, into a destabilising reverie, and into constant speculation. Pushing at the limitations of pop music, contemporary dance, and live art, Any instant whatsoever takes its cues from iconic works such as Cracked Actor, Blonde Ambition, and Stop Making Sense, staking Geist’s claim to be the greatest star who never lived.

Image credit: Sven Gutjahr


Date: Fri 13 Oct (7.30pm)

Admission: £8-£10

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35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road,
London E1 6LA

Box Office: 020 7613 7498

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