Welcome to And What? Queer. Arts. Festival.

Oh my globs! We are back!

Last year we launched And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. as a platform to show the work of Queer and LGBTQIA+ artists, makers and producers, to encourage different spaces for artistic conversation, open doors to venues and provide new experiences for audiences across London…. we didn’t expect it to be such a roaring success! So, we are back with that difficult second album, and this year, we have upped-the-ante.

For anyone that doesn’t already know, 2017 is the 50th year since the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality in England and Wales. In recognition of this And What? 2017 has kept its toe in the past and eyes firmly fixed on the future. Our programme is almost entirely made up of world premieres and/or London firsts, including brand new: theatre, music, live art, club nights, drag shows, youth engagement projects (Talking Genders / Himherandit), exhibitions, circus, cabaret and some really out-there ‘experiences’. Even our project commemorating partial decriminalisation Bouquet 50 is forward facing. It aims to create a living monument to keep the conversation alive until its next anniversary. Afterall, it’s not just about 2017. 



Spoken Word
  • Desperate Living / Opening Party
    Desperate Living / Opening Party -   Desperate times call for Desperate Living! Cult pioneers Amy Grimehouse combine forces with drag terrorist...
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  • Bouquet 50
    Bouquet 50 - And What? Joins forces with a garland of tattoo artists and studios to create a living and...
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  • Timberlina Talks
    Timberlina Talks - Timberlina joins the digital age with a series of DIY online videos interviewing some of your favourite...
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  • NSA: A Queer Salon / Steakhouse Live
    NSA: A Queer Salon / Steakhouse Live - A night of performance, dialogue and dancing inspired by the Salon’s of...
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  • Glue / Louise Wallwein
    Glue / Louise Wallwein - Glue is a comedic live art performance fuelled by rhythmic poetry. It's a show about getting to...
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  • House of Ghetto: Black Pride
    House of Ghetto: Black Pride - House of Ghetto: Black Pride comprises key portraits and a new video installation of the...
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  • Frau Welt / by Peter Clements and Oliver Dawe
    Frau Welt / Peter Clements and Oliver Dawe - The infamous, international shape-shifter Frau Welt tells her story for the first and...
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  • Medea, Written in Rage
    Medea, Written in Rage by Jean-René Lemoine, translated, adapted and directed by Neil Bartlett - Presented by: NFA International Arts &...
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  • Talking Genders
    Talking Genders - Talking GENDERS Exhibition part of AndWhat? Queer Arts Festival queers the white walls of the Archive Gallery in...
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  • Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
    Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Welcome to your club, book lovers. From the team behind the respectfully raucous The Amy...
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  • Wet Sounds ‘Squelch’ / Joel Cahen & And What?
    Wet Sounds ‘Squelch’ / Joel Cahen & And What? - Wet Sounds joins forces with And What? to transform London's...
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  • Asylum Monologues
    LGBTQIA+ Asylum Monologues - ice&fire explores human rights stories through performance. We put human rights at the core of everything...
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  • FFS!! / Timberlina
    FFS!! / Timberlina - Please note: the tickets for this FREE work in progress showing are now SOLD OUT - you missed...
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  • The Breakup Monologues / Rosie Wilby
    The Breakup Monologues / Rosie Wilby Award-winning comedian and Radio 4 regular Rosie Wilby hosts this themed comedy and storytelling night. She...
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  • Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy
    Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy / Nando Messias -   There is to be no wailing at the...
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  • Queer Art(ists) Now
    Queer Art(ists) Now: Open call for artists - Queer Art(ists) Now, presented by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival in association...
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  • Any Instant Whatsoever / Alexander Geist
    Any Instant Whatsoever / Alexander Geist (Don't miss this) Alexander Geist is a pop star built entirely from possibilities, he’s the...
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  • Pink bucket (Too)
    Pink bucket (Too) - The Pink Bucket (Too), is a cacophony of queer Circus and Kabaret led by the extraordinary...
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  • B*ttmunch / Naked Boys Reading
    B*ttmunch / Naked Boys Reading Curated by Gareth Cutter - Your favourite, intimate evening of in-the-buff readings returns with a feast for...
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  • Hocum Pokem
    Peaches Christ + Jinkx Monsoon: Hocum Pokem - Something sickening this way comes! Kick off the season of the witch with a...
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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Peaches’ Revenge
    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Peaches’ Revenge / Peaches Christ & The Amy Grimehouse -   Due to circumstances beyond...
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  • Spoken Word London - Queer
    Spoken Word London - Queer ‘Spoken Word London - Queer’ will feature some of the best queer spoken word performers...
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  • To Love Somebody Melancholy / Minute Taker
    To Love Somebody Melancholy / Minute Taker - Alternative gay singer-songwriter Minute Taker (as featured in Gay Times, Attitude, Clash...
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  • Haunted Butts - Closing Party
    Haunted Butts - The official And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. closing party, devised and curated by Gareth Cutter Sex is the...
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  • Bruce LaBruce: The Haus of Bruce LaBruce
    Bruce LaBruce: The Haus of Bruce LaBruce - The first-ever UK solo exhibition by Canadian underground adult film director, photographer,...
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As you can see, things will be happening across London, in traditional spaces like theatres and galleries; Queer spaces, like clubs and back rooms; public spaces such as cinemas and more unusual corners, nooks and crannies including churches, swimming pools and tattoo studios. Artists are national and international, emerging and world famous. We have created space for fresh ideas in our first ever Open-Call Queer Art(ists) Now that also allows artists to appear in a programme alongside names like Bruce LaBruce, Neil Bartlett and Peaches Christ. We also welcome some of the most exciting queer voices around like Alexander Geist (La JohnJoseph), Rosie Wilby, Nando Messias and Darren Pritchard/Cornel Simons (House of Ghetto: Black Pride). In total there are 30+ events, supporting more than 150 artists, and a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and enjoy the slightly murky waters of And What? Queer. Arts. Festival. 2017.

Queer Arts for the Hearts of London! … and Beyond!

With much love, Andrew

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